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Life at Nordkapp


We have a local airport in Honningsvåg, though majority of people travel through Alta which has multiple flights daily connecting to Oslo, Tromsø and other destinations. Alta is located 220 km away. There are daily buses connecting Honningsvåg to Alta and all other towns in Finnmark region. Coastal ferry Hurtigruten also stops in the town twice a day. Car rentals are available to the ones, wishing to take a road trip exploring the region.


Three grocery shops in Honningsvåg - Rema 1000, Coop and Joker, open daily during the summer.

Other shops such as clothing, electronics, office supplies, sports shop, etc are located in town.

Food & Drinks

There are a few restaurants, cafes, pub and eateries in Honningsvåg. Catering to all tastes.


The local doctor's office is open to the ones needing medical help.

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