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Here, at Scandic Destination Nordkapp we are welcoming new members of the team every year. You come from all over the world, which makes this place really exciting to work and meet new friends.


We know that moving away from home can be challenging, so we try our best to provide the accommodation to most. We have two separate options for that.


Lagunen - a complex of buildings where most of the Team Nordkapp members live. Accommodation in rooms is shared, but all of the rooms have private bathrooms. The kitchen is shared also. Free fiber broadband is provided.

This location is mainly used by staff who work in the hotels or do not mind a daily trip to Nordkapphallen.


Nordkapphallen - we host a part of our colleagues there too. Rooms and bathrooms are shared standard. Full Board meals are provided to the ones living at Nordkapphallen. In addition, we have a gym, internet, lounge area and plenty of amazing nature.


Transportation is provided free of charge to the ones working at Nordkapphallen and Scandic Nordkapp.

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